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Use of ultrasonic sensors in industry

Applications and areas of use for PiL ultrasonic sensors

Depending on the industry, sensors have to meet different requirements and conditions. We develop ultrasonic sensor solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether mechanical engineering, packaging technology, pharmaceuticals or the textile industry: PiL Sensoren GmbH supports you with customized ultrasonic sensor solutions.

Filling technology

Level measurement of bulk solids and liquids in vessels, containers and silos, reliable object detection using ultrasonic measuring technology.



Solutions for filling technology

Food industry and pharmaceuticals

Detection and measurement of solid, pasty and liquid substances in areas in contact with the product in the manufacture of hygienically critical products.



Ultrasonic sensors in the food and pharmaceutical industries

Packaging industry

Fast and precise: Detection of positions, volumes and fill levels using ultrasonic sensors - from pharmaceutical products to food and consumer goods.



Applications Packaging industry PiL sensors

Agricultural engineering

Use in autonomous vehicles and robots, monitoring of feed management, regulation of irrigation systems



Ultrasensors in the agricultural sector