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Solutions for filling technology.

Filling technology solutions

Ultrasonic sensors provide precise measurements of fill levels and positions. This accuracy is essential for the optimal dosing of liquids and bulk solids, avoiding overfilling or underfilling. Ultrasonic sensors can be used in different types of containers and with different liquid or powdery substances, regardless of their color, transparency or viscosity.

The sensor uses the measured time of flight to calculate the distance to the surface of the substance. Since the geometry of the container is known, the fill level of the liquid or other substances can be calculated precisely.

As ultrasonic sensors are contactless, there is no risk of contaminating the product. This is particularly important in sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, where hygiene plays a critical role.

Typical applications

  • Continuous level measurement
  • Monitoring of minimum and maximum fill levels
  • Level monitoring
  • Overflow monitoring

Matching products

P43 sensors for filling technology
P43 Series

The P43-25-M12, 12mm diameter, small sound beam, short blind zone for very small containers...

P47 Sensors for filling technology
P47 Series

The P47-50-ST can be synchronized; interference is eliminated in multiple arrangements...

P53 sensors for filling technology
P53 Series

The P53-80-D18 EHEDG, hygienic design, certified for food- and medical technology

P49 Sensors for filling technology
P49 Series

The P49-600-Q50 for large volumes and distances to the measured material

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