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Sensor solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries

Solutions for the food industry and pharmacy

The hygiene requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries are particularly high. Systems must not provide an opportunity for bacteria to develop and must be easy to clean with chemical cleaning agents. PiL Sensoren's product range, which has been specially developed for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries, includes standard sensors and EHEDG-certified ultrasonic solutions.

Our solutions

P53 Series EHEDG

For use in hygiene-critical environments

P43 Series

For object and filling level detection

Typical applications

  • Distance measurement of individual objects
  • Presence monitoring
  • Sag measurement of packaging films
  • Fill level measurement in mixing systems and tanks
  • Portioning control of subcomponents
  • Sorting control, detection of faulty products
  • Collision protection of trays and containers
  • Counting of individual objects

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