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Locations Europe: Inelta, PIL and VYPRO

Group of companies

Our corporate group has been firmly established on the market for years. As a reliable and uncomplicated partner, we are valued by our customers for our comprehensive know-how in sensor technology and in the industries we serve.

About 90 people are currently employed at our three locations and form the basis for the company's success.

Our corporate group encompasses the brands and sister companies Inelta Sensorsysteme, PiL Sensoren and VYPRO.

Ultrasonic sensors with almost unlimited lifetime from PiL Sensoren GmbH are a perfect addition to the sensor technology of non-contact measuring systems. Ultrasonic sensors are used in industrial environments, regardless of the material and colour of the object to be measured, they detect distances from millimeters up to several meters. The operating principle of ultrasonic sensors is based on the transit time measurement of the ultrasound, which is emitted by the sensor as a high-frequency pulse and reflected by the measured object. PiL Sensoren GmbH has more than 20 years of experience in the field of ultrasonic distance measurement and is an internationally recognised specialist in the development and manufacture of ultrasonic distance sensors.

Inelta Sensorsysteme has been developing, producing and selling sensor solutions for industrial applications for more than 20 years. Customers from the industrial automation, mechanical engineering, hydraulics, medical technology and aerospace sectors trust in our expertise. Together with PiL Sensoren, a pioneer in ultrasonic sensor technology, we offer a wide range of products for displacement and position as well as force, pressure and inclination measurement. Tailor-made sensor solutions are a particular focus, which is constantly being expanded with interdisciplinary engineering. Our highly specialised research and development team ensures the continuous development of our product range, which is implemented at our production sites in Germany and Slovakia. From the company headquarters in Taufkirchen near Munich, we supply customers worldwide with first-class sensors "Made in Germany" via our wide distribution network.

VYPRO, s. r. o. from Trenčín, in the Slovak Republic is specialised as a system partner in the production of electronic and mechanical components, assemblies to finished devices. Based on long-term experience in sensor production, VYPRO, s. r. o. also offers services in the field of technical testing and calibration. VYPRO, s. r. o. has state-of-the-art production machines and measuring and calibration equipment. Qualified and dedicated employees manufacture professionally and according to precise process specifications and strict quality standards. As another specialty, the company also offers the production of complex mechatronic parts by hand for small series for which the production of special production tools would be too costly.