Ultrasonic Barriers of the Series P48

Type / PDF DatasheetSensing Distance mmOutputConnectionAdjustment SetpointHousing
P48-110-R50-PNO-2m-Bbis 11001 x PNP, NOKabel 2m-R50, PBT
P48-110-R50-NNO-2m-B"1 x NPN, NO"-"
P48-110-R50-PNC-2m-B"1 x PNP, NC"-"
P48-110-R50-NNC-2m-B"1 x NPN, NC"-"
P48-30-R30-PNO-2m-Bbis 3001 x PNP, NOKabel 2m-R30, PBT
P48-30-R30-NNO-2m-B"1 x NPN, NO"-"
P48-30-R30-PNC-2m-B"1 x PNP, NC"-"
P48-30-R30-NNC-2m-B"1 x NPN, NC"-"