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Publications of PIL Sensoren

Measuring around corners with ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors always emit their sound waves “straight forwards” by nature. However, the spatial conditions and installation location make it difficult to directly align the sensor housing with the object being monitored in many applications. Redirecting the sound waves using suitable angled reflectors is a practical solution for this problem.


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Customer-specific ultrasonic sensors at cost-effective conditions

No other sensor technology has such a versatile range of applications as ultrasonic technology: In the industrial sector alone, its applications range from recording filling levels and volume flows and measuring distances, heights, and widths through to detecting objects and obstacles in dynamic processes.

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Preset ultrasonic sensors for a fast startup

PiL Sensoren GmbH – pioneer of ultrasound technology – has developed the P49 model series for a fast startup. The manufacturer individually parameterizes these sensors to meet customer requirements. This saves users the time they usually need for setting up ultrasonic sensors on site for an application.

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Mounting filling level sensors: tight, hygienic, exchangeable

PiL offers a range of mounting solutions for making ultrasound measurements in closed containers to reliably and precisely detect the contents or filling level even in challenging applications. Depending on the medium, ultrasonic sensors with metric thread can simply be screwed into the housing wall.


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Mounting kit for P53 hygienic ultrasonic sensors receives EHEDG certification

Following the EHEDG certification of P53 series hygienic ultrasonic sensors from PIL Sensoren GmbH, hygienic mounting kit specially developed for these sensors have now received the same certification.

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11th Bobby Car Solar Cup

Put the sun in the toy tank

On 18 September in Bielefeld, the future of the well-known red cult mobile could be marvelled at. At the 11th Bobby Car Solar Cup, a total of 25 student teams from schools in the region of Ostwestfalen-Lippe entered the race with modified solar-powered Bobby Cars. The "Lippe Racer" team, whose main sponsors include Inelta and PIL, also took part in the race.

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Hygienic Ultrasonic Sensor

P53 now available with an 18-mm Diameter

PIL is now offering the hygienic, EHEDG-certified ultrasonic sensor P53 for tight installation conditions in a more compact variant in D 18-design; the length including the also EHEDG-conform cable bolting is only about 60 mm.

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Honeywell announces that the Ultrasonic Sensors of the Series 941-(xxx) to 948-(xxx) are cancelled

Honeywell announces that the ultrasonic sensors of the series 941-(xxx) bis 948-(xxx) are cancelled. For those producers, distributors and users, who sold these sensor-series, built them into their products or used them in their applications so far are not going to be any problems in obtaining and replacement: They ... 

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High Sound Intensity

Precise ultrasonic-distance sensors with high sound intensity for basis applications

Ottobrunn - With the ultrasonic sensor series P47 PIL is offering highly precise distance sensors for basis applications in a measuring range up to 5 meters. Due to the sound intensity, the sensors available in a great variety have a reliable detection also for small objects. The typical application areas include amongst others distance- and filling level measurements, the diameter registration, attendance check and tape tension regulation. 

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With high Switching Frequency

Ultrasonic barriers P48: Robust miniature-sensors with high switching frequency

Ottobrunn - With the P48 series PIL is offering very cheap and robust ultrasonic barriers for distances from 30 cm and 110 cm, which reach high a switching frequency up to 500 Hz. Ultrasonic barriers on transportation tapes guarantee the reliable detection and counting of objects, where steam, dust or smoke limit the view. Even difficult material- or surface characteristics such as transparent packagings, which would lead to irritations in optic measuring systems, are not a problem for those machines. 

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Montag holding for hygienic ultrasonic sensor P53 now with EHEDG-certifcate

Erlensee – After the hygienic P53-ultrasonic sensors of the PIL Sensoren GmbH, the specifically for these sensors developed, hygienic montage holding was certified following the EHEDG guidelines. The holding, consisting out of two bolted half shells has a passage each for one of the sensors and is fix and safe in wall borings or housing passages.

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Ultrasonic sensor with Teach-In-Taster: PIL-Sensorseries P44 for distance measurements

Erlensee – With the ultrasonic sensors of the P44 series, the PIL Sensoren GmbH is offering a product series with one piece distance sensors with high sound intensity for a safer detection of small objects.

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Hygienic Cable Bolting

P53-Steel-Head-Sensors now available with hygienic cable bolting

Erlensee – The ultrasonic sensors of the P53 series from PIL in a robust, fully capsuled stainless-steel housing with gap-free crossings are now available with hygienic cable bolting and grocery safe cable.

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Market Presence in the USA

PIL strengthens the own market presence in the USA

Ottobrunn – The H + K Inc. is a new partner of the Pil Sensoren GmbH for the USA, who is taking over the direct sales of the highly precise ultrasonic sensors on the american market. To strengthen the position on the market, the distance sensors from PIL are now also available there with their own brand and original description.
Dr. Jochen Heimann, manager of the Inelta/PIL-Group explains that the strategic orientation of both companies turned the balance for the cooperation: "PIL as well as H + K do not only rely on high quality standard products."

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